Bioluminescence Tour

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Bioluminescence Bay

A popular spot for snorkelers is Bioluminescence bay,

Please note that this tour is offered exclusively to stay-over guests and for private groups of a maximum of 10.

A popular spot for snorkelers is Bioluminescence bay, we leave from Cayman Islands Yacht Club just before sunset and the tour is about 2.5 hours.  The first stop is Starfish Point to see the setting sun and awakening stars. Next stop is the famous Bio Bay, where we spend most of our time. Our informative guides will tell you all about this amazing sight.

Our boat – Family Time will take you leisurely through the Bioluminescent Bay without harming the organisms.  Once inside the Bay, guests will get an overview of what the Bioluminescence is all about and then get up close and personal with this magical experience.

Attire: You will get wet.  We suggest swimsuit, t-shirt, some may enjoy a long sleeve for the ride. A towel and spare dry shorts are recommended for a comfortable drive back at the end of the tour.

What is Bioluminescence?

Bioluminescence is defined as “Life Emitting Light.” Bioluminescence is a common occurrence, however, finding an area with high concentrations on a regular basis is something not to be missed. On land we see bioluminescence is fireflies, glowworms and occasionally glowing fungi. However, in the ocean bioluminescence is much more common but extremely rare to be seen in high concentrations. Tiny microorganisms called ‘Pyrodinium Bahamanse’ are responsible for the captivating display. When at rest, they appear to sparkle, but when disturbed they release more light to be seen. Come and find out why these unique bays exist.

2019 Tour Dates:

Oct 17th – Oct 31st

Nov 15th – Nov 30th

Dec 14th – Dec 29th

2020 Tour Dates:

Jan 12th – Jan 26th

Feb 10th – Feb 25th

Mar 11th – Mar 25th

Apr 10th – Apr 24th

May 8th – May 23rd

Jun 7th – Jun 22nd

Jul 6th – Jul 21st

Aug 6th – Aug 20th

Sep 5th – Sep 19th

Oct 6th – Oct 18th

Nov 4th – Nov 17th

Dec 4th – Dec 16th


Family Time

[27-Ft Chaparral] (Max 10 Persons)

2 Stops Bio Tour $550 – Duration is 2.5hrs (inclusive of transportation)

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